picturing you… [POEM]

i want everything
and nothing
from you,
and only you
and what you want,
i want that too
and how that manifests
well, whatever it takes,
i want to do
as a duo
just us two
formed anew
as we form a group,
that consists of
the particulars of your peace
and all things true
I want to stay by your side
until you move
to follow my lead
that is inspired by you
and i want a cypher
that deciphers my “I don’t knows”
into more than context clues
information you can use
to prove to yourself
and every one else
why you decided to choose…

i WANT to love you
and i WILL
as i DO
a garden guarded by your goddessness
consciously providing nourishment,
and lifefood,
is what I am planting
in the soil are handmade grooves
i deliberately chose this spot
it was written,
as well bemused
by fickle farmers former,
with temporary truths
so i came here to work
dedication previously unfamiliar,
i am unmoved
weathering whether or water
i won’t lose,
what i am after
is present
presenting a happily-ever-after
as a presence before me,


©2016 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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