Thought for the Moment {6/13}

Important, to Choose…

If you want it to be IMPORTANT, then that’s what it is.
If you make it IMPORTANT, then that’s what it will be.

You VALUING it is ENOUGH for you to DEMAND that what YOU DEEM IMPORTANT is to be recognized/respected as such; ESPECIALLY concerning and CONSIDERING YOURSELF!

Just know that YOU have to reciprocate such a belief/idea just as much as YOU require/request it. YOU have to know that people have IMPORTANCES that they use to function/forward themselves, as well. Even as insignificant or minute as YOU may think their “things” are, they DESERVE the same consideration as YOU/YOURS.

No matter what.

There is a tightrope of managed discipline that is required to navigate through the pools of sensitive and sordid egos. People have feelings. DIFFERENT FEELINGS. And hurts and pasts and quirks and MASKS! And temperaments and temporary attitudes and moments of clarity and issues and REAL STUFF happening in their lives. And it’s all IMPORTANT to them. And YOU “not giving a care”, well that only makes YOU far less important to them and their “stuff”.

That’s IMPORTANT to know.

There is no blanket meter for rating the significance or standard by which an individual measures the gravity of life’s nuances. This life is FULL of enough. There is enough of EVERYTHING and the truth is that what you can/cannot deal with, there is someone else that will/won’t. And just as well, there is someone preparing or prepared to effectively and enthusiastically entertain YOUR issues. Someone thinks that what YOU think is really important is really important!

But that doesn’t mean right, nor does it make for perfect. It just means agreement, more times than not it means agreement for the sake of not arguing as opposed to for resolution. It’s not always black & white. It’s normally a mercurial assortment of spectral arrangements akin to the aftermath of a great painters master work. It looks good, but there was quite a mess made!

The real challenge, and fun (if you ask me) is the made decision to take on the charge of being able to unapologetically pursue your own happiness -by virtue of celebrating the IMPORTANT that YOU are- while being able to learn the language and practices of the ones you know and love. Committing yourself to help someone, dedicating yourself to serve someone, intentionally staying by the side of someone that your gut tells you is worth being stuck by. Because it all boils down to Safety, Security, and Significance. And those three things comprise the base materials for every persons idea of IMPORTANT. The caveat is knowing how perspective influences the meaning of words to each individual’s personal experience. We may see the same thing, just not the same way. So what ‘safety’ is for one may not be ‘safety’ for someone else. And the truth is that we all get to define ourselves. We get to associate and attach as we see fit. That gives us value, it gives us worth, it makes us IMPORTANT!!!

And it is a choice…

You get to want what you want. But you have to pay for it. And it’s probably going to cost you. Can you afford it? Can you spend the time/energy/emotion/attention or money that is required to obtain what you desire? Do you understand that you will be billed by the second, in the moment, payment due upon receipt of the thought? Do you have the resources? Can you maintain the payments? Can you maintain a positive attitude in the presence of what may be dubious circumstances or situations that present themselves almost seemingly to deter/detour/distract you from being consistent? Can you appreciate that just like you are “dealing with stuff” so is EVERYONE else?

And what’s most IMPORTANT is what is MOST important…

Whatever you decide that to be!



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