For Keeps…  [POEM]

Remind me that you love me, 
and how much you love me, 

and that you’re so in love with me…
And show that i’m your only one…

And that there is no one else…

that there is 

something different about us

And that it helps…

And that you 

do not want or wish 

to be without me…

Keep mentioning 

how good you feel 

about me, 

and with me

and how special I am 

to you, 

and for you…
And say that you mean these things…

And will…
Keep touching me

Keep kissing me
Keep feeding me
Keep needing me
Keep teaching me
Keep surprising me

Keep calling

Keep sending me messages 

Keep bugging me

Keep coming over

Keep wanting to be here

Keep talking to me

Keep staying near

Keep holding my hands

Keep giving me that look…
that challenges 

that balances

that is alkaline 

and true
That says, “i know”

that goes without saying 

that is why i believe in you
Keep sharing your story, 

Keep listening to mine

Keep going all the way with me

and we’ll be just fine.


©2016 Cornelious “See” Flowers



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