Know…  [POEM]

Let me kiss you
like i haven’t seen you all day,
All day,

and every other

And i will hold you
the same way,

i promise

i will give anything to you
and do everything for you
experience it all with you

for as long as we are together,
to be honest

fall asleep in our clothes,
for some reason, your chaos
comforts me

i’m not wondering
so i won’t wander
deliberate decisions to deviate from distance
without ponder
i am under the act of being natural

this ain’t fiction,
just factual

something different than
what was unexpected
a heart alone should not be trusted
but this is all of my soul,
so i respect it

box marked fragile,
and i have checked it

so i touch you accordingly
gently with intention
the effort rewarding me

how does it feel to know?
beyond the amazing you ever imagined
how does it feel to go?

Can you stand the progression of better?
Are you fine with being amazed perpetually?
i will be yours
and you will be mine
All ways, Always, and Ever
i am certain of you, especially

reminding you with kisses
and consistency
hope that you’re listening.


©2016 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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