Today’s -see [9/28/22]

The world does not reciprocate your intentions. The Universe does, God may. But the world doesn’t. And you live in the world. Your intentions matter to you. Your ACTIONS, your STEPS, your EXAMPLE, is what the world sees, what the world recognizes, what the world respects.

It doesn’t matter that you “have” a good heart. Or that you “mean” well. Or that you “want” the best. The world acknowledges your progress, and your productivity. The world puts extreme emphasis on what you “have”, who vouches for you, what you can “show” them.

The point is that you live in a world that shows no respect for what may or might be. That’s all talk. This world sometimes understands what has been, but most often WHAT IS!

So, LIVE BY EXAMPLE! Do as you say. Speak with your ACTIONS. Lead by your movement.

That’s what they’re waiting on. YOU to DO what YOU said YOU WOULD. Potential is plentiful. Will you DO IT though? Will you get where YOU say YOU’RE going? Will you BECOME who YOU say YOU’LL be? ARE you going to MANIFEST the dreams/goals/plans/intentions that YOU are so adamant about?

Because, again, it doesn’t matter that you “want” better…

Are you GETTING better?
Are you DOING better?
Are you SHOWING better?

You’d BETTER. Because the world WILL NOT wait for you to “find yourself”. The world will move on to someone that already KNOWS who they are. The world will not wait on you to “get back up”. The world likes people who’ve already gotten up. The world is not considerate to YOUR journey, or what you went through to acknowledge that journey. That is for YOU! The world respects and recognizes when you DEMAND the world to respect and recognize who you are. When you COMMAND the world to bend and fold to YOUR deliberate intention and action…

Because you are CONFIDENT.
And COMPLETELY present and AWARE in the knowledge of these things.

That’s the difference. That’s what SUCCESS is. It’s when you REALIZE and REPEAT the formula. When YOU get it…


(Note to Self)




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