Funny how, That feels… [POEM]

It’s funny how
you make me want things
like you
and your version
of happiness
even if it happens to suggest
that I didn’t mean
what I said
when I used to pretend
that I was fed up
with being happy
for you
and him
and all of your new memories
with them
and the new relationships
that you made
with his family
and friends

I tend to think things
work out
the way they are
supposed to be
that way
for the sake of
being able to say
something has to

and it is still funny how
I remember your voice
trembling at the thought
of being
carried away
seeing your reflection
in the jealous rage
of a wedding dress
that lost a bet
to your waistline

it all fits,

so funny, now
that there are words
stacked up along my brain
chained to a promise
tucked in the closet
of a decision
I made
to love you
from near
or afar
from below my belt buckle
or my heart
until the end,
but from the start

down right hilarious
that you weigh on my mind
so heavily
and that I have this desire
to carry it
with such levity,

to keep from crying
to keep from dying
to keep from trying…

To come after you
for one more chance
to capture you

that I care for you,
it’s funny,
how that feels.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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