Thought for the Moment [#1]

For some people, everything is a fight, a battle, or a competition. They don’t know how to function without there being a winner declared.

With that…

You will never convince those particular people that you aren’t out to get them. Doesn’t make sense, to them, that you’re fine with who they are, but certain things that they do or believe in, or feel, just is not WHO YOU ARE!

You better recognize them though. And save yourself a bunch of wasted and exhausting energy trying to make them feel better about being okay with the person that they are not really comfortable being. No matter how much you try to do “right” by them in that regard, they will always be in their feelings, always paranoid, and always suspicious of EVERYTHING you say or do.

Let that ship sail. Let it go. Move around. Move on. Move out.

You will never be able to convince a person that is convinced that you’re trying to convince them of something, that you’re not. They’re convinced, and you’ll find yourself trying to un-convince them to an inconvenience so inconsiderate that you’ll eventually convince yourself that you’re crazy. And that’ll convince them. That they’re right. And that is all they wanted in the first place.

And that is wrong.

But you can’t convince them that it is.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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