Differences, the Same… [POEM]

She says He is her muse
She amuses He
they both see things,

Love means love to Him
to Her love means less
love only stands to reason
for that He has no guess

She has cause and such
He has reservation
they don’t talk as much,
She is waiting…

for proof
and examples
and initiative
chivalry, passion
and bliss

He wants more,
nothing less
than attention
and recognition

both want to add
neither wants division
both being heard
neither able to listen

He says She is different
He chooses She
but she wants that choice,

Want means nothing to Her
He sees it as plausible
She only wants to be only
He doesn’t see that possible

He is insecure
She wants in security
He isn’t so sure
She knows reassuringly

they matter in duplicity
nothing madder than
being foolish, stupidly
they argue
“someone has to go,
You, or Me”
but then they hurt,
someone has to know
they both yell, You
neither agrees
it must be, Me
so they choose to try again,
a different means

until they realize
what they both wanted,
the same thing.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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