Cotton Fields… [POEM]

Something that beautiful
with such an ugly story
and a past
and a history
something like glory

She opened herself up to them,
men and women
they were led by monsters
that saw her as much more
but no different

so they raped and pillaged
their escape, in privilege
as she’d take them all
and delivered

She just grew
like she was supposed to
they ran all over her
like they knew
that she’d come back
acting like last time
never happened

Hurt people hurt
and they hurt others
and other things
and have no remorse
or regret
just beliefs

She got used to them
and their abuse
She just grew
having faith in something
like cycles and seasons anew
and a promise of colors,
so she always looked up,
towards which, she grew

they made profit from her
and comfort and quilt
and swab and shelter
but no guilt
her insides pulled out
strewn about
sewn and woven
spilled like blood in uneven rivers
strong wind kisses her face,
she won’t tilt

She is of a strong crop
so she grows

she can’t help
that her body is
she would keep to herself
but she’s helpless
to stop them
from knowing
so she keeps on,

as expected, planned, and wanted
haunted by her purpose,
to clothe and comfort
and cover them
even them that broke her
and those ignorant
to her being pregnant
with a seed they planted
in her
against her knowledge
but for their want
in wills

and selfishnesses
and greeds
and needs

she speaks a language
not yet figured
but figured out
in decimal and points
otherwise touted
as reason for her to
keep on…

Picked on
Picked up
Picked out,

That’s all her life was about.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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