The view from here… [POEM]

rich people,
stuck in poor people bodies
poverty as their hobby


collected by poor people
in rich people suits
wearing wealth as a costume,

their cute

dressed up actors
mitigate factors
perfect reactions

if it were true

But there is a view from here
and can be seen is the unhappy
and what happens

how they get it all wrong
and make fun and games,
not anymore

how they distract the mass
with lore
society structured on before


captives bound by freedoms
subdued by religions
the politics of whores


infrastructure and inherent
interrupted and barren
sharing corporate crops

what fair is it?
or not

education slaughters a free mind
and markets the meat
produce section

of the streets

distracted by needs
displaced by beats
melodies of the weak

There is a view from here

skylines are bylines
bystander to bylaws
byproduct of capitalism

by far

secret hidden messages
rest in the obvious sight
opulent lifestyles suggest


when god got it wrong
a universe of windows
peering into the soul

turning into rainbows

there is no life in it
broken colors are benign
reluctant to shine

into the suburbia
of collusion
to separate a diaspora


there is no right in it

likening sidesteps to aim
but what does either
does terrorism provoke war

or is that part of the game?

name your peace
and the view from here
will see

intelligent agents
mentoring unofficially

persuading propaganda

for rich people
who have access
to poor people

by way of
having their way

what stops me from being there
if I don’t like the view from here?


granted to someone else
because of how
they felt

one is protected by shame
one is harbored by guilt

it is perception,

over like natural resources
from places
where unnatural people live

supernatural superlatives

of consciousness
or the comparative

what is the narrative
when you’re currently

the view from here.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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