Smile… [POEM]

past the hurt
while enduring the process
and during the process
in light of the circumstance
to enlighten the circumstance
as you fight the circumstance
when you feel like it
or if you don’t
know that you can,
and if you want to,
feel in the spirit
allow your smile to be music,
hear it
cheer it
steer it towards happiness
until you can grab it
the kind that you fathomed
as you imagine
a different place
and face it
with a smile
so that you inspire love
and receive
carry it
the smile that helps you
marry it
the idea
that a smile can
change things
be open to sharing it
as you arrange things
sculpt your life into
whatever you want it to be
and breathe
a smile
of peace
and let it all begin
or just do it again
in the quiet
or in the wind
but always in the mirror
until you win,


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers

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