I can’t breathe… [POEM]

I can’t breathe

No oxygen,
air is no option,
my airway is obstructed,
by obstacles
the opps,
are opportune

Get off of me,
I can’t move

Can’t lose
but can’t win either
right to freedom
right to choose,
can’t win either
can’t win by the
rules and obligations,
can’t express it either

Get off of me,
I can’t move

Can’t choose to sell
what I brought,
Who is the real suspect?
You or me
we both handle our business
me, literally
you, lethally
It’s not that serious,
leave it be
or don’t breathe

Get off of me,
I can’t move

Can’t prove wrongdoing
no matter the wrong doing
it only matters that I’m wrong
and you’re doing
despite my burden of proof
according to grand jury
I am not afforded
nor can I afford,
or to prove

Get off of me,
I can’t breathe

Can’t see any other way,
justice can not wait
I’m tired of this chase
I can not keep up this pace
there is no expression
for what I am about to face
but you only see expression,
about face
my every movement
to you
about race
of what I am about to say

Get off of me,
I can’t move

Can’t soothe the fears
Can’t lose the years
Can’t do this here

Get off of me,
I can’t breathe

You don’t need more training
You need abstaining
try refraining from framing
as a picture of
what the poster child
for your assumption
may be,
I am not the evil
that your reflection
made me

I’ve had enough
and I can not suck it up,
can’t breathe

Can’t leave a legacy
behind letting be
so I will let it happen
one more time
by letting it happen to me

Get off of me,
I can’t breathe

What your illegal chokehold can’t see
is what is coming behind me
a generation unwilling
to hold its breath,
ready to breathe
a young impulse that will not
to defeat
and ready to seize

All ready to freeze

Your assets
and your development
and your economy
and your farm systems
sound your alarm systems
this is no warning
we are beyond arbitration
this is the part
and where we are,

So don’t move,
and see
what it is like

To have to hustle
to have anything
because you don’t have
just a chance to halve

Get off of me,
I can’t move

Can’t do what I want
or what may be necessary
so I am passing on
to do what is necessary
and show how
you’ve chosen us to be

We can’t move,
We can’t breathe

mask this in blue
if you want to
but we all know what is true
this ain’t about who,
but hue
about entitlement,
about no one having power,
but you

Get off of me,
Or get moved

too many years like this
too many examples
too long to suffer this nonsense
too long to have to handle
what you deem right

so, it will have to be
whatever it has to be,



©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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