It’s morning, where are you… [POEM]

This morning was you
warm and unusual,
but new
something different about it
something blue
a strange intuition,
one of few

and then I knew

This morning hadn’t moved
no signs of life,
no views
a sacrifice
something to prove
remnant from the night,

What could I do

This morning wants to use
doesn’t want to wake up
doesn’t want to break-up
liking where it was,
why does it have to shake up
why does it have to accuse?


This morning went to do
something or everything
nothing or both,
all that was possible,
one thing the most…


This morning there were two
a shadow in the place you left
a question on your breath
an imagination on your mind
an empty on the steps

Wish it weren’t true,

but I didn’t fall asleep last night,
chased every second to get here
didn’t miss one
but you didn’t get here,

It’s morning, where are you?


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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