Listen to Me… [POEM]

I won’t ever desert you
but if I have to abandon me
to realize us,
I am probably going to hurt you
deception is not my virtue
so there are things
that I won’t do
especially because, I want you
and because I believe
that I deserve you
have to stay committed
to those beliefs
because I’m supposed to
even the silly ones
in the event that you seek my stability,
there must be really one
I know that the beginning
is really fun
but trying to fool yourself
is a cold notion,
ignorance is a chilly one
let me warm you
with consistency
please don’t set a fire on assumption,
specifically one that
you can extinguish by listening
the truth is always worth mentioning
don’t hear how I said it,
give me the chance
to lift you up
or let you down
the reality is that
ALL things are possible,
and you cannot avoid it
so pretending that pain is not real
or trying to not feel
until it builds up
doesn’t avoid it
it just lets you down,
I don’t know everything
so I’m learning
just like you
picking and sorting information
looking for clues
hearing and seeing similarities
and trying not to do
a similar thing,
but similarly
watching every move,
I know that you’re fragile
and I am not expecting anything
outside of your ability
not going to break you down
hear the voice of hurt
that won’t let it happen again
hear that I am going to work
so that it never happens again
but see that I am here,
even if it happens again
I believe in magic,
but I don’t have to pretend,
not saying doesn’t ensure
and saying doesn’t insure
and just saying for the sake of
to attempt to take the place of
is as sure of a way to make the mistake of
just saying, for sure,
broken hearts make the best vases
and broken frowns
make the best faces
so smile at the Flowers I’ve planted
excavated recesses and reservoirs
in order to find the purest soil
that dirt is going to allow us to grow
time takes time,
some time is slow
and you’re in a rush to be assured,
I know
our past lives were pastimes
had fun not paying attention
and it passed by
but don’t pass up living
because of a past life
I can see past your problems,
can you see past mine?
they were tests
we passed, bye
I am willing to work out anything
tell me what you want
I will, what you need, intentionally
if it doesn’t work out,
it doesn’t work out
but it won’t be because of history
I am present and aware
this is me,



©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers

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