One. Nothing. Something… [POEM]

If you are sad,
then let me be sad to
and if your day is awful,
then mines shall be bad too
if misfortune should fall down
then, it had to
as long as I have you

We can get better,
we can work it out
Whatever an obstacle,
we can work around
let our work be found
to produce
situations are just situations,
We go through
as long as it is the same truth
that we go to…

Rainy days?
Let’s get wet
uncertain economy?
Let’s get set
and GO
We can find or create
our own rainbows
or roads
doors, and windows,

Just so that you know

Problems are no problem,
no option
We have no option but to
I don’t need all the answers
or all the money
or all the information
I need nothing,
but YOU

and WE can figure the rest

I figure,
WE rest

Then step towards it,
wake up the next morning,
to gorgeous
and luxury,
Let’s imagine amazing
and board it

Like a train to destiny
Let’s cook something
like a recipe

What’s your special ingredient?
I’ll be needing it
Mine is magic,
maybe yours is believing it

Watch what appears…

Let’s visualize the years
Cut-outs that cut out the shortcut,
let’s cut short the trial
we can demand it NOW,
Let’s show one another how…

You are still perfect to me
especially after everything
especially after every ding
and nick
your bruises built a better you
your scars don’t make me sick
Let me kiss your wounds to well,
It is time for your clock to tick,

No more wasted time
I like the taste of yours,
Do you like the taste of mine?

Let’s drink
We can think up a family
manifest a dynasty
turn probability into probably
into our we
until the hour we
decide to be,
honor it with me

And then, see

when you’re under the weather
let’s get under, together
let the covers cover us
smother us
or not
let me give you your flowers,
whomever is on top
just how you like it
double entendres
just how you like them

I want my metaphors to settle scores
even out the rough spots,
I know you are better for it
what is behind you looks better forward
So I am betting for ’em
odds on the long-shot,
better form
with all that we’ve got,
We’d better form

I don’t mind the wait
as long as you dont mind the state
nevermind the space
there is no time to waste,
every second accounted for
all change counted for,
comparing dimes to grace
our ties to space…

I hope you feel up to sharing your feelings
community property our foundation,
no ceilings
organic existence,
no building
natural flow,
no spilling
accurate though
no billing…

When you are down,
let me get down there too
bended knee for prayer
or just to lay there
planting seeds or turning soil,
I want to turn around your turmoil
and expect the same of you
thats what we become the same to do
“One” is the name we choose,
“Nothing” is what we have to lose
“Something” is what we have to prove.


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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