How… (You have no idea) [POEM]

You have no idea
how far you’ve taken me
how you said a word
to awaken me
how your rhythm
has shaken me
how you beheld a vision
and brought life
where there was vacancy,
so blatantly

you have no clue
how warm your spirit is
how it warned the spiritless
how you brought breathe
and life,
how you made sense
of sentences
that were just sentiments
before you

You have no idea
how much
I adore you,
how many times I pinch myself
or wake up reaching
with no idea where you are,
how you are teaching me
to be myself

speaking of you,
how much you prove
that everyone was supposed to be there,
even before you
nothing was wrong with time
it was ours to lose
how you make it known
that you don’t like being alone
through how you move,
You’re still right here
and you have have no idea
how it feels,
to be right next to you…


©2014 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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