Where are they (Good People)… [POEM]

Where are the humans?
the true ones
not the new ones
the ones that knew one
the ones that went through some… things
Where are the human beings?
the people that have feelings
and are able to express them
the ones that experience life
and confess it
the ones that rested
Where are the individuals?
who are sensitive
who care
Where are the authentic people,
who are aware
Where are they that are concerned?
those who aren’t so desensitized and distracted
those who are willing to learn
by listening first
Where are they at?
the considerate
the literate
the deliberate
the dedicated
the compassionate
the liberated
Where are the ones that made it?
who didn’t have to come back
because they never left
the ones that did for self
and anyone else
the giving
the sharing
the faithful
the trusting,
Must we miss them all?
Where are the brave ones?
those not afraid to fall
the vulnerable
the transparent
the open-books
Where are the ones who are unapologetic
for chances they took
Where are the people who fought through regret and remorse?
who rode circumstance like a horse
who grabbed life by the horns
even if they got tossed off,
never turned… away
Where are the sincere people?
the ones that say…
Thank You
I’m Sorry
Forgive Me
I’ll Do Better
I Won’t Do It Again,
Where are the friends?
Where are the humans that understand being human?
the people that give chances
and take just as many
Where are the humans with heart?
that love plenty
and still make mistakes
but make it up
Where are the ones who still believe in magic?
and luck
and fairytales
and dreams come true
and happy endings
and hard work too…
Where are the peacemakers?
the peacekeepers
the peace chasers
the prayers
the wishers
the believers
the keepers,
Where are the good people?
because we need them.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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