A Future Behind Black Boys… [POEM]

Nothing new
under this son
been hiding
and hunted
under this gun
been told not to
been mannish
been talked about
been banished
still playing games
still childish
he is still under pressure
still wild as
a kid can be
still running around
still in the streets
been curious
and testing waters
still surviving,
been slaughtered
while carrying weight,
Daddy’s name
Momma’s freight
always an expectation
a stereotype, or two
still wanting
been through
been a burden
been a way out
been a scapegoat
been a doubt
been underachieving,
and overexposed
still underestimated,
he still knows
still recognizes
still remembers
but he still dreams
still painting pictures
been felt reality
been cold to perception
been assumed to be
been skeptic
still being himself,
he can still be,

There is
A Future Behind Black Boys
A Future big enough
to push him
strong enough to stand on,
just listen
A Future screaming for belief
A Future filled
to the brim
with peace
A Future long removed
from suffering
and strife
A Future far away
from life
in the past
There is A Future
Behind Black Boys
with no mask,
no task tethered to obstacle
no such potential
as impossible
A Future bright,
full of security
and certain employment
There is
A Future Behind Black Boys,
one without Jordan
or his shoes
where he is good enough
without him having to
diminish his manhood
or question it
A Future that doesn’t lessen it
A Future with lessons that
are substantial enough
to be looked backed upon
A Future
with just as many chances
and opportunities
and privileges
as are usually given
across the track,
There is a Future,
Behind Black Boys

and investment
and Rest
Wealth and Culture,
Faith and Freedom
Peace, Unity
and Love,
There is a Future Behind Black Boys,
full of Love
and Recognition,
Reward for growing up,
and Friendship
and a difference,

There is
A Future Behind Black Boys
that we tried to squander
laundered for long enough
because we weren’t,
strong enough
to fight for them
or because we felt
their way
wasn’t right for them
and we ignored them
and their identity
while choosing a future
and thinking it a good fit,
like for them,
dulling a light out of our reach,
as it was bright, for them
picking and choosing,
their battles
and sight, for them

Still dealing with it
been doing it
but he is still using it
to become
and eventually he will
no matter how much
we let him down
or how unreal
the way here had to be,
There is
A Future Behind Black Boys,
wait and see.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


1 thought on “A Future Behind Black Boys… [POEM]

  1. Shelly bresnahan

    My thing is this is a new year 2015 violence already do ya ask ya self why? My thing is what day what month what year is the violence going to stop all together? Expeshaly with the guns people are shooting on a because. then have the nerve to ride away or run like that was OK that’s so wrong in my eyes how can you live with ya self because you pulled the trigger an took a life out of here so sad its like playing with kama



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