Wish we were here… [POEM]

There is an unencumbered resolve
like waters that we had nothing to do with
clouds we couldn’t have imagined
sands that we should have pursued,
beaches meant for us…

I wish we were here

It should have gone differently
I should have apologized sooner
you should have fought harder,
we could have made it through,

I wish we were here

I asked to hear your story
you wanted to know more
somehow we created life,
but what for?

I wish we were here

There was a time
you standing in the rain
me, trying to leave you
both feeling the pain,
I should have stayed

I wish we were here

Should have made up
Should have tried
Should have saved up
Should have lied,

Could have said different
Could have listened
Could have tried something else
Could have mentioned…

that it should have been me,
that picture above the fireplace,
would have been We
I will always be the wedding of your dreams
the fantasy will always be about me,

I wish we were here

Some things have changed
but what I believe about the water
still the place that I know God to be,
silly me

I wish we were here

There is still a pillow
that I wrap myself around
knowing it to be you,
comfort that I’ve found
terrible substitute,
but what can I do?

I wish we were here

No one else is,
it only appears abandoned
all of this beautiful,
I’d blown you away at one time,
now I wonder where you landed,
trying understanding
but I am failing to command it
but empty handed,
I wanted to be there for you,
I know no one else is,
damned, it
there was a door once
life, slammed it
and I ran…

I wish we were here

along a tide that shifted
alone, by ourselves, no distance
maybe the same as we’d planned,
maybe different
maybe that’s the way it should be,
maybe it isn’t…

but I wish we were here.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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