Explorer… [POEM]

A part of my journey
will always be
that you saw in me
fit to be more than
and your willingness
was more can
and if I were ever able
to comprehend that
then this would be
a much different poem

But instead,
this is a sentence
drawn out and elongated
a run-on that runs into
lives that moved on
past unknown beaches
and the residue
seashells that I keep
as a clue
a sunken treasure,
of things I value

This is hyperbole
and suggestion
anything other than
an anecdote to how I’d spoke
so long ago
here lies the map
to my soul
tattered and torn
but legible
these words are edible,
once you are sequestered

Last meal for a dying man
is never unlike
at least a desire
so this is my favorite course,
an appetizer
something to tease you
hoping to please you
with my works of fire

the wilderness has never
known a better lost,
and I keep traveling
at any cost
on a path towards
what I’d promised,
once I’d set off.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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