of Love (Dream-State, Love Paralysis)… [POEM]

I had a dream,
quite a fantasy
us, stranded
such requited things
a distinct narrative,
of the slightest seem
an image beyond rescript,
delight as being
you were in love
and I, well I, was deemed
a suitor to your purging
and we, we were burgeoning
a buoyant affair,
turning into something…

but this was a dream,
a fictional scene
an admirers fiend
a reality bequeathed
an accident
something that had careened
a meaning misunderstood,

so I chose wake,
awoke from my slumber
and chose fate,
slowly opened my eyes
to see that I’d only lost faith
yet so fertile of an imagination
could easily replace
an impossible thought,
for requiems sake

I closed my eyes
hoping that at the very least,
I could pretend
maybe I could fold reality
or maybe it would bend,
to my consent,
or perception should see fit
to let me sleep,
at least in your favor
if not, underneath
until we saw alike
a similar sight,

I want to see
an uninterrupted slumber
a rest for my effort
an arrested peace
a lesson in focus,
such a desperate blink
trying to make the best
or not to think,
for the time being
until I can keep
at least,
a memory.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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