Finding YOUR way… [POEM]

the way
you want to go
is that way

where they are coming from
is this way

or whichever way
is another way
but anyway
is a way
just as no way
is always the other way
to someone like you
who seeks a different way,
away from
or outside of
the wrong way
or the right way,
or the best way
unlike the only way
for good ways
to be bad ways
or any way possible

because wayward
is optional
and the only thing stopping you
is you,
being in the way…

so you choose
YOUR way
and GO,
no consequence
just profitable
either you recover
or you receive
either you BE YOU
that there is
no way for you to go
other than the way
YOU see.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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