New language with You… [POEM]

I want to
create a new language
with you
something different
with body linguistics
including spiritual analytics
adding chemical esthetics
and silent appearance,
Can you hear it?
something unique
and different
just between us
Can you feel it?
I want us to be unusual
a love that won’t just do,
as usual
but will
as you would, too
signs and symbols specifically selected
no secret,
but just between us
words that mean “us”
little hints and clues
colors, tints and hues
with sounds
and theme music, too
nothing generic
or overdone,
like “Boo”
Can I call you Anew?
or “After the storm”
or “Finally”
or “Warm”,
torn from the pages
of a manuscript
that I’d written in my mind
I would like you to be
the way I define peace
I will then be the way
that you decide speech
and we will have a handshake
and a wink
an inconspicuous gesture
a blink
smile all the time,
so I know it’s real
wake me up with a kiss,
so I know the feel
let’s design an alphabet
have our own hieroglyphs
Hearts, Suns, and Moons
and a daughter, too
You name her after Me
I’ll name her after You,
we’ll call her “Two”…
we’ll call our language,
all action-words
acts and verbs
no A-Z,
rather You-Me
heavy consideration for the stars
so balancing water
across the skies
will be the way to our free,
of significance
and value
something bigger than words
but between me and you,
a dialect that deserves
the kind of conversation
that brings vision to view
and is unlike any ever heard
an ancient treasure,
but new
a language that tastes
like papaya
that you don’t have to dilute
and is the texture
of chocolate
whether you suck it
or chew
and smells like mango
and pomegranate,
coconut, and dew
and well…
the rest is understood

I want to
create a new language
with you,
something different
something else,
something worth listening to.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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