Flowers… [POEM]

I will
give you flowers
on the hour
rare and mysterious
subtle, luxurious
that symbolize power
that say I love you
that smell like beautiful
and appear to be, too
blooms from distant lands
kept alive, by second chance
in colors unheard of
and coordination,
never seen before
to your door
at your feet
and divided by petals
onto sheets
in an array that greets you
and takes away
your speech
because you adore who sent them,
who picked them,
and you know the reason
and the risk
and how to remember
not to forget

I will
give you flowers
that bring you joy,
smiles and urges to kiss
energy for bliss
for excuses like…
I miss you
reminders of our bond
flowers that survive
beyond when they are
supposed to
I want to pick flowers
that say I chose you
that say I will be here
because I chose to
summer blooms
in a winter room
because our love sustains,
as it is supposed to

I will
give you flowers
and words
comfort and security
stability and a surety
all that belong to you
and meant to grow
so that you feel special
so that you know
to show you I care,
to give you a peace
or guarantee
ones that maintain beauty,
and change the perspective
or the ambiance

I will give you,
and we will plant them too
growing gardens
in our bedroom
for all to view
in the vases of moments
by the windows of true
in the sunlight of love
soaking the water of proof
the Flowers of life,
Me and You.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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