Live… [POEM]

At some point
you have to give up
let the past go
and get up
take the losses
accept what occurred
see it for what it is
not blurred
move on
leave the pride behind
press play
and not rewind
acknowledge defeat
embrace the pain
recognize the power
for the sake of change
see that some things die
and never return
some lessons are only lived
and never learned
some hurt is permanent
there are wounds that survive
an absence of forever
is not the end of time
forgiveness is a maybe
closure can be a myth
opportunity is a gamble
every chance is still a risk
tomorrow is not a promise
today is only now
the past is unlike the present
if you decide to make it out
at some point, deception
becomes a factor of your life
you find that people do people
and they don’t always do it right
trust is no religion
fidelity, no reward
for any moment is susceptible
to the discretion of its sword
success is circumstantial
failure is to your discern
value is a secret treasure
that worth can never earn
no reason to suffer proudly
or agonize in regret
same is to be said of love
which is possible by respect
of no reflex is commitment
and no routine is it to give
the true purpose of life
is in fact that simple, LIVE…

At some point
you have to try
without knowing
or why.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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