Diurnal… [POEM]

don’t hate, love
don’t hate love
just wait love
just wait, love
whatever time it takes, love
for sake, love
do not forsake love
you once spake love
for great, love
awake, love
awake love
await love
it is not a game,
nor a race, love
you have to pace, love
change your pace love,
you might need some space, love
or find a different way, love
try and say, love
say love
just say love
today, love
or go away, love
don’t chase, love
chase love
because you can’t fake love
you cannot fake, love
it’s fate, love
so stay, love
to save love
you can be saved, love
even this way, love
just make love
make, love
don’t escape love
you can explain, love
don’t have to explain love
it’s plain, love
just plain love
and sometimes that is pain, love
that’s not strange, love
it’s quite sane, love
especially to gain love
if you remain love,
remain, love.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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