Can We Talk… [POEM]

Can we talk
one more time
over our bodies
about less talking
or maybe not
I am quite the talker,
in case you forgot
I’ll use that one word
that got to you
I’ll say it as many times
as you need me to
for quite awhile
or as long as it takes
no need to get dressed,
I’ve got more to say
been studying new words
and ways to express
I hope you understand
my ways to confess
as I argue my point
in the language of love
let your tongue talk to me
the way that it does
and be just as animated,
pull me near
we can discuss dreams and secrets,
over silence and tears
remind me how you remember
forget we don’t belong
keep talking to me right,
I don’t see anything wrong
conversation necessary
been silent since
so say something special
like, “You belong to this”
as we talk all around the room
make our way into the light
talk to me all day,
talk to me through the night…

Can we talk,
something should be said
it’s been quiet in my mind,
and you’ve been talking in my head.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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