Thought for the Moment… [#19]

Hey YOU…

I believe you. I believe in you. I believe FOR you! Sending a confident trust with the EXPECTATION of fulfillment toward you. Sending vibration and reverberations throughout the UNIVERSE, on YOUR behalf. Speaking into the atmosphere, positivity and peace, for YOUR sake. Meditating and breathing good STRONG thoughts about YOUR very existence.

I want you to thrive! I want you to thrust forward- with SO MUCH zeal and tenacity- into the space and time of NOW! I want you to progress and prosper, indeed.

You deserve a chance. YOU ARE ENTITLED TO A CHANCE. No reason other than for having breath in YOUR body, and having the willingness to explore, experience, and EXAMPLE any, or EVERY option that awaits YOUR deliberate practice. I see YOU taking a chance. I see YOU MAKING THE MOST and BEST of the chances that you get. I admire that in you. I admire that about you.

It IS your turn! This IS your time. YOU ARE READY. NOW!

… There is an opportunity awaiting you, and I believe that YOU are prepared and the particular person to take it. I not only wish YOU the best, but I expect it from you, and I look forward to all of the AMAZINGNESS that you ARE going to do with what happens. So excited FOR you!



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