When the clouds don’t sleep… [POEM]

tonight looked and felt like yesterday
with nothing to say
somehow I kept to myself
but now is just today
and the sky is still awake
because nothing changed
It won’t stay that way
because soon is going to rain
and I will have to hold you
so that you don’t wash away
or just because I want to
or in order to be sane
or for the sake of some might say,
not going to play
I hope you understand
that I have no regrets
nor do I like to wait
so I will have to impose a will
that will more than likely change
or make a kind of different
that will never be the same
and what becomes of silence
that knows just what to say
is much difficult for both of us
like pretending to be estranged
your skin still tastes like cream
and your naked still gets me
your eyes still hold the vision
your energy still lifts me
but I don’t like the pain
of only dreaming these things
words don’t deserve to convince you
and action is yet restrained

I hope good forever for you
but I must take a train
not going to come outside anymore
and watch you leave again
time for that cloud to rest
I believe you, too much to wait
and this is for the best
that, or asking you to stay

this mornings cloud left something
a sign of things to come
an opening that broke its hold
and I was shown the sun.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers



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