Uncomfortable… [POEM]

I wanted you
when you wanted to
even flaunted you
as you were flying through
never deviated from that
because I wanted you
even as you destroyed me
because you wanted to
broke my heart for fun
did what you wanted to
let me believe I was the one
not even a number two
something about timing
and all that love could do
you felt like leaving me
I felt what you wanted me to
saw it as a reason to stay
what you were going through
excuses for every day
none of them were true
but I stayed
because you needed me to
accepted resistance as payment
especially when love was due
should have denied it
what was that going to do
you only wanted me to shine
in the shadow of you
and I was content with that
rather enjoyed the view
took your company as a sign
that at least I made it through
someone had to fix your heart
and I was willing to
you never even noticed
and I was miserable
happy trying to make you happy
but only vulnerable
you were just trying to find a reason
to be uncomfortable…


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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