Body Parts…  [POEM]

My lip bone
connected to your skin tone
directed towards your end zone

My tongue bone
connecting with your melanin
you’re just as soft as gelatin
yet firm and found to be resident,
that part is just incredible
and I want more

My finger bones
connect into your wanting spots
sounds asking,
do you want me not
or is it do you want me hot
I only want what you’ve got,
everything else,
on the floor

My back bone
connector to your inner animal
being used as a handle
as I use it to dismantle
everything you thought was impossible,
a physical fit,

My thigh bones
connects with you there
supporting your every care
well oiled at the present,
you are spilling it everywhere,
now you’re in the air,

My arm bones
connectable to your port
being used to support
and then used to contort
we are champions
satisfaction as a sport,
these rooms are stadiums,
we’re on

My other bones
connective as you desire
able to acquire
no outside forces needed
you are all that I require
and I am ready to connect,


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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