Before you do… [POEM]

I expect you to lead
going further
than I could ever see
I want you to dream
and then realize the imaginations
that you foresaw in your sleep
I know that you will
and it is my prayer
that every good want be real
I see it for you
and what I can see
is true,

Before you do…

Know that I know that
yet I still have no idea
surprised at every move you make
being a result of something I did
and as you sleep
I cover you in kisses
so that the affection of a man,
is what you never miss
I pray you understand fellowship,
that it is an idea
that society never twists
I believe that you believe in God
but that you never let it prevent you
from believing in humans
I trust you
to know a God to your liking,
that the miracles of such
be forever possible,
that you know you can do it

Before you do…

I assume you curious
I prefer that you pry
I want you to search out identity
I support that you try
that you decide for yourself
to determine my choices keen
that you prefer listening
as you discover these things
and when you become
a man after a woman
that you would capture the moments
so that no tradition nor curse
ever be found in your verse

Before you do…

Go along for adventure
taking advice
I offer gems and jewels of value
that you might want to heist
that you pawn for experience
that you barter for time
that you exchange for the chances
of staying alive
that you sell for profit
that you loan for like
that you trade for wisdom,
the currency of life

Before you do…

Ever pretend my presence
or ponder my be
I offer an invisible wall
that prefers you to see
for my faults are plenty
my mistakes are grand
Yet I have faced every challenge
to afford you the stand
that this world bring you better
that you never find it faint
that just like my mother taught me,
you learn no such as can’t
that authority serves you purpose
that diversity serves you cause
that different serves you stature
that independence serves you all…

So that your way is unimpeded
that freedom gives you such
as yours to choose
that you are apt to remain open,
that you awake aware,
and that there is peace
before you do.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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