something else…  [POEM]

You are
something else
other than myself
who knows
just how much so
something felt
goes so far
as to behold
a much greater sense
of what we have
as opposed to
what is left
when you’re gone

I want to do
something else
other than whatever
more than different
exquisitely profound,
like run-on sentences
in paraphrase
spoken in that other language
paired in ways
that break the monotony
of apology…

I am sorry for saving you

I think
something else
every time
every time is unique
and never mind
but never mine
if ever I
so if ever I’m
or if I ever find
I will be sure
to pay attention
or press rewind

I see
something else
for a little while,
but not for myself
for a better reason
for help
wanting to feed you
the rest
taking for granted
nothing feasible
for less…

lest we can

something else
about now
that is not inappropriate
or disproportionate
to being weak
held bound to the notion
hell bound
hellbent on being seen
hell of a way to explain ourselves
being we,
being deemed
being free

or at least being…

something else.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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