Found out…  [POEM]

I found out
a different way
that love wants
a distance between
the first time
and true feeling
just to imagine
you healing
from being torn
and your body
after being worn
and nobody
noticing the pain
I realize your want
is still the same
you want to see
that it has to change
the view from nowhere
has no vantage to gain
add perspective
and it became…

You’ll find out
in due time
that being without
is a true sign
of longing
and the aftertaste
of once belonging
to see what happens
is an ongoing
since you stick with
going about the way
of indifference
choosing cooperation
over consistence
and for the sake of
being prolific,

found out
was how it occurred
and clearly
for now is blurred
churned silence
spurned violence
a crowd awaits
termed while it
which lonely to see
until surprise
found out what I believe.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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