lil Black girl… [POEM]

little Black girl
dark chocolate Black girl
color of midnight,
and purple
look just like oil
hue just like soil
ole tar baby complexion,

What you doin’ with all that perfection?

having no idea
how incredible your charcoal ebony mix
that is treasure you covered in lil Lady,
priceless, and worth every cent

sable, just plain ole pretty
deep river of magnificent
you sure are something to behold,
and we’re all just witnesses

want to show ’em
what color is behind their blink
you tell ’em your story
written in pure, unfiltered ink

little Black girl
incredible Black girl
amazing Black girl
unparalleled Black girl

You better be unapologetic,
Black girl

Who called you poor and ugly?
as rich as your melanin is
that ain’t nothing but black gold,
and you tell ’em it is!

you tell ’em with them lips
them lips kissed with soft and warm
you tell ’em with them eyes
them eyes so piercing forward
you tell ’em with those cheeks
them cheeks so sculpted well
you tell ’em with that nose
that nose full, what good you smell?
you tell ’em with them shoulders
them shoulders you carry strong
you tell ’em with your back
that back running dark and long
you tell ’em with those thighs and hips
thighs and hips that carry worth
you tell ’em from your womb
it’s your womb that carries earth
you tell ’em with them hands
them hands that hold the day
you tell ’em with those legs,
as them legs just walk away

… on your way to GREATNESS,
little BLACK girl

YOUR BLACK ain’t oppressed,

little Black girl.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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