That voice You hear… [POEM]

there will always be a voice
someone or something betting no
while you simultaneously have a choice
staying or letting go

there is a story, either way
a past before, unknowns, “stuff”
excuses you could have used to stop
reasons you should have given up

there are days filled with obstacle
nights that will never end
insurmountable odds that await you
abandonment, family and friends

trials are sure, tragedy certain
death will always be
progress is important, overcoming is the result
small steps account to victory

staying sound is more the aim
gaining wise to know the way
being silent for sake of learning,
speaking boldly when time to say

questions prove interest
answers prove action
growth proves accountability
success is proven matter of factly

and there will yet be doubt
there will still be pain
there must always be loss
in order for there to be change

no need in being contrary
from who you are to ascend
while conforming to the usual
in an effort to pretend

still there will be a voice
a whisper that screams you on
toward the tiniest of moral victory
in preparation for the going

as momentum begins to persuade
and motive amounts to trust
you will engage the fight aware
for there is greatness on the cusp

learned behavior, character building
proud moments of despite
underprivileged circumstance, situational victim
synonymous of the like

so the win you achieve is recognized
advantages taken of
while all else fails to support you
there are dreams worth waking up

whether it stops or starts your movement,
is a choice you lose to fear
and the only voice that matters
is the one you choose to hear.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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