Without You… [POEM]

I’ve done it…

nothing, everything else,
foolish, all by myself
being stupid
reckless too
ignorant, and rebellious
especially fool

thought that I knew better
no need to know more
finding blind
a better way to travel,
what do I need to know for?

going about it hard
carefree, uncompromising, and unapologetic
impulse and spontaneity,
thoroughly vetted

the most outrageous
the “never in a million years”
the “there is no possible way”
the “I can’t believe what I did”

mistake prone, clumsy
irresponsible and slight
religiously continuously habitual,
swearing I’m right

in the dark, boldly
yielding no caution for care
in the light, proudly
naive and unaware

to my own liking
towards a favor of some crowd
tip-toed in silence
stumped, aloud

against the grain and wayward
outcast and black sheep
to the soundtrack of my own drum,
a one man symphony

Yes, indeed…

I’ve done it all
and probably because
I was
without you.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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