You had me on clouds… [POEM]

I could
have known better
rain was nothing new
sunshine been around
since forever
and you,
well you ain’t
nothing different
no more something else
than the other one
you were,
well you were
just another one
come saying
with sayings
just saying what you could
and I listened
oh did I listen,
listened to you good
heard new syllables
and better pronunciation
more clever sounding pillow talk,
your words rhymed different
spirit chimed in perfectly
a mixture for certain
of amazing
and wanting me
something that felt like soft
in the midst of how hard
it always was
or would be
easy going along
as opposed to
how I’d been so often,
had lost along the way
felt like you had found me…

and now I can see
an unimpeded view
from your perspective
the side
that you said
I would never understand
or connect with
and the sun
is all I am left with

a difference
than before
you had me on clouds.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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