The Morning Sky, for Two… [POEM]

on the horizon
is our free,
join me
breakfast by the wind
rest assurance served promptly
presence with no pretend
a warm side of satisfaction,
never-ending serving of peace
wants done over-easy,
joy you would not believe
skin toasted ever so slightly
freshly cut ties
thirst quenched by the breeze,
flow with me
as we float into the scene
I’ll do the work,
you. just. breathe
and I will feed you, gently
pouring into your soul
filling you to the brim
serving you the best life has to offer,
again. and again
or infrequently
or in frequency
at your discretion,
or as you need
as long as you eat
a balance of new-trition,
substance, or sweets
as long as the room has windows,
sustenance, or suites
either indulge, we will feast
natures treat.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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