Happy should be You… [POEM]

You don’t deserve shadows
nor second places
Your spirit ain’t meant for confusion
or saddened faces

Happy should be You

there is no good reason You should suffer
at the mercy of disbelief
the hope You got in them eyes,
anyone could see

Happy should be You

ain’t no reason to cry Girl
not less You pouring tears of joy
how dare time ever hold You hostage
You are a detail, not a decoy

Happy should be You

fix your face from broken
take Your time and heal
walk off from what has been hopeless,
now is the time for You to feel

Happy should be You

Love ain’t got no limit
You’ve every right to find Your way
doesn’t matter who understands You
it’s Your heart, and it has its say

Happy should be You.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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