Thoughts toward You… [POEM]

regaining focus
almost where I could be
but there
and where I should be
a distraction,
how do we interact
after seeing such promise left
maybe you’re coming back
maybe you never know my reasons
or maybe you rest
more than likely
for no more than hope
and I can live with that
that you wish for my return
while becoming my dope
a notion that never became
an addiction developed,

I won’t ever forget you
nor let you forget me
no matter where change takes us,
the moon will always be
and thus will always see
reason to still be open enough
if not for ever,
for at least once
as much as needed
or to keep in touch,

remembering how it feels
I won’t ever replace your real
won’t even think
of forgetting your remarkable,
and I will always be unveiled
somehow always available
a convenience to your word
accommodation of your need
thinking about the reasons to
a desire to stay with you
a truth that I will always concede,

you are still
every bit and first
the different that made a difference,
the one, for all it’s worth
no one will ever compare,
not in all the earth
and all, is all you deserve
even if I only made that worse…

in no particular order,
I believe you
I believe in you
I think of you
I understand
I never intended to hurt you
I always wanted the best for you
I miss you
I can

just so that it is known,
the sky is still blue
couches are still comfortable
those favors are still due
feelings still in the same place,
and my habits are still few
just as predictable as ever,
but your essence is still new.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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