reason, for Her… [POEM]

her feelings are hurt
realizing where she was
never being considered more
always just his just because

her heart is now broken
pieces particle into dust
she gave him free reign
he kidnapped her to trust

her mouth cannot speak life
she is snared to see it blue
once arbitrary compulsion
now routine and ritual

her soul cries out for order
amidst the chaos of his need
finding time to be unnoticed
or be a victim of his greed

her hands no longer save him
instead bound to disbelief
grabbing frantically for life
atop a disappearing peace

her mind cannot be settled
while hostage is her want
she is captive to a terror
her freedom doth he taunt

her eyes no longer see it
as they did when it was not
he is not what all she wanted,
but he is now, and all she got.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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