Miss Communication…   [POEM]

the one that got away
called today
and I answered
no chance I wasn’t going to
what she was going through
and if I could
still hear care in her voice
if I was still ever a choice
I don’t care, but I do
but that’s not true
I’m still feeling the effects
of my foolish
stupid, that I didn’t do it
what I was supposed to
instead of choosing
to leave her behind
and she never lets me forget
will always remind
always find the opening
to close the door
each time we talk,
closes it more
in so many words
and I’m still finding the crack,
trying to get back
by any means
so many voids
yet, I can’t help it
betrayed trust
turns into paranoia
but I have never felt it
while seeing her interest
as interest
willing to try anything
as long as she stays on the phone
even if it’s just
until she gets home
to the there
that I would never be
making sense of this nonsense,
this is our time
a memory,
or enough for me
testing out patience
or her will power,
an egotistical tragedy
but I’ll be here
with apologies
and reason I won’t
ever do that again
things akin to definiteness,
very specific
the most I could ever pretend
because the truth is
because of her,
it won’t happen again

the one that got away
called today
and there is nothing I could do
to change it
as strange as it seems,
I still believe
that what happened, happened
for the best
and no one else
could have been
more deserving
as unnerving
and catastrophic as it is
this is what it is
and she can call
for as long as she pleases
teasing or taunting,
I forgive,
support her move on,
I am available, on reserve
whatever she deems
my punishment,
I deserve

the one that got away
called today
I picked up,
and we talked,
as always
nothing changed.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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