Hurt…   [POEM]

I wish you died in a fire
last breath choked by flame
smoke, the last you saw coming
charred, the way you remain

… but I would make that place a memorial
and I would visit by the day
listening to the mourners mourn you
broken hearted, by the way

in a room that was made of straw
with windows for all to see
I hope you struggled to find the end
and instead suffered miserably

… while I remember you once loved me
how you promised me the world
time spent together in abundance,
moments you swore never to unfurl

with pain that ate you alive
and suffering that kept you hurt
while an audience witnesses your demise
smiling, for all it’s worth

… I won’t go quiet without you
I must urge the world to see
that gone to glory is an angel
one whom once lived here, with me

as your ashes drown in the embers
a smoldering residue of your mess
I promise to wash away the remnants with tear water,
but to the arson, I’ll never confess

… How I miss you, ever so badly
can’t imagine why you’d go
spend all my days left trying to find you
pretending lost in all I know.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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