Make Me… [POEM]

make me wait
before you’re ready
make me taste
before I eat
make me want
before I trust you
make me consider
before I speak

make me know
before I prefer it
make me rest
before I go
make me listen
before I try it
make me believe
before I know

make me wonder
before I assume
make me decide
before I do
make me like
before I defend it
make me fight
before I lose

make me spoil you
before I surrender
make me support you
before I commit
make me comfortable
before I change anything
make me stand
before I sit

make me your only
before I feel
make me proud
before I see fear
make me remember
before I choose to wait
make me a way
before I come near

make me desire
before I start to dream
make me the reason
before I explain
make me known
before I feel abandoned
make me yours
before it’s too late.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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