True Feelings… [POEM]

my soul is awoken
words spoken from your lips
into my subconsciousness
and I became nauseous,
unmemorized my lines
and flipped
went from poet,
to pimp
in my own rhyme
intermittent visits sent me adrift,
in my own time
but aware
sitting here,
remembering you,
standing there
monument of sorts
you alone, enshrined
a gift
to the spirit world
the passions of a parable
an inevitable surrealness
touch being so delicate
that I found myself hard
to resist,
came into your world,
interruption of moments,
what is it made for?
this is exactly it,

my peace is driven
by your resilience
I sit still
so that I am able to feel it
no need for séance
we create a chaos
that functions
on a frequency even visible
a deliberate duality of sound
and yet we are so individual
I, without you, hurting
you, without me, miserable

how long before we finish
before we replenish ourselves
before we extinguish the fire
before we melt
before we allow another day to pass
before we forget the rules
before we win this war of feelings
before we lose.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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