Pawn… [POEM]

listening to love songs
with him in mind,
while I am at your side
seeing a different world in front of me,
still blind,
I still try

a different opening,
new strategy,
counter moves,
and a plan
as much as it was,
there is still a chance…

nothing expert or grandmaster,
just going after the win
willing to take loss as necessary,
champion of that,

I made a move,
then waited,
you moved just as quickly,
then debated
those are the rules,
nothing like before,
like you stated

there was a clock,
then take your time,
there was no format,
then there were signs
another body in the room,
neither of those were mine,

the insignificant piece
plays the most important part
front line in the war of love,
for your heart

only the best moves will do
the next move will prove
the same that is a game to some
is for others much more to lose,

but what else could we do?

act like this is checkers,
knowing it to be chess
being given all one wanted,
when there is still such an unrest,
still searching for best

music makes you remember
but the room…
needs to be silent to contend for
or concentration may be lost,
subliminal messages,
that you send for

what does that look mean,
is that look me?
or is that the look that knows,
that I know what it’s not to be

a castle too early
a defense made too late
pausing for time to consider
being eager to wait

I’ve played this game before,
choose the best piece to prevail
this time I was the pawn,
the one piece I hadn’t known so well.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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