as with, everything…   [POEM]

trading loose ends
for paper trails
affairs for marriage
free-spirited opulence
for fairytales
whimsical folly
for wedding bells

I hear footsteps
down the hall
of how I remember

bartering peace of mind
for a piece of hers
putting together such a life
from just pleasing words
denying a teasing urge
or defying a fleeing bird
by way of still

I can still hear
still remember well
almost see the difference,
still can

surrendering unknowns
for habits, routines,
and clarity
selfish ways
for sharing things
or remain by myself

I keep on hearing
the background noise
despite the beautiful random
of consistents’ poise
by choice…

as with, everything.


©2015 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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