questions…   [POEM]

Haven’t you heard my heart song?
Have you once to catch the beat?
Have you tasted of my honey, Honey?
Haven’t you shared my sweet?

Or still bitter from that sourness,
Are you frowned from a former dish?
Is it sugar running about your tongue,
Or is salt still upon your lips?

Haven’t you felt my rhythm?
Have you ever soul-danced to stars?
Have you ever left those fairytales?
Haven’t you been more far?

Or yet to run away from custom,
Are you stuck belied in trust?
Is it more that you make appearances,
Or have you sided to shape with us?

Haven’t you said my same thing?
Have you found us more alike?
Have you been more bound to try again?
Haven’t you decided it worth a fight?


©2016 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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