luhv (custom)… [POEM]

pillow talk is
tantamount to espionage
especially facades
a recipe for fraud,
men get soft
especially when hard
women get off
unless’n we respond
to threats of being loved more
under the act,
above or
compared to the facts
lies are a drug, more
easily addicted to
and harder to kick
truth is that truth is
harder to listen to
than bargaining with
and recovery sticks
for functional users
admirer is akin to abuser
if you choose’er
being vulnerable makes you visible
a victor to which cometh spoils,
not a loser
and she will lie there,
if you move her…

just say nothing
unless something proves more
than being quiet
choose your fix
and be inspired
to live
with the fear,


©2016 Cornelious “See” Flowers


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